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Nappy Facts
Did you know that the average child in the UK, can use 6500
Disposable nappies between birth and two and a half years,
and that between 8 and 9 million disposable nappies are used in the UK
every day?
Thats a staggering 3 billion a year

Did you know that disposable nappies make up around 4% of
household  waste.
Up to 40 black sacks of nappies per child per year
which equates to over 10 tonnes of waste over the two and a half years

Disposable nappies are made of plastics, elastics, adhesives,
paper pulp, and chemicals which do not readily degrade and
could also leach toxins into the ground. It’s estimated
that it could take hundreds of years (some research suggests at more
than 500 years) for a disposable nappy to completely decompose
In addition to this, the soiling in them means that as they rot,
methane, a greenhouse gas about twice as bad as Co2, is
released contributing to global warming. In fact the number
of disposable nappies used in a child’s life accounts for as
much as 630kg of methane – which is as much as a car
would use over 1800 miles