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Q:  How long Does a ©My Wee Friend™ last?

A:  ©My Wee Friend™ will last in the potty for 12 weeks after that
we recommend that it is changed or removed for hygiene reasons  
Q:  How do you clean the potty with a  ©My Wee Friend™ in it?

A:  The potty can be cleaned as usual using water and normal cleaning spray’s etc.
Abrasive cleaners should not be used.
Q:  What about No 2’s?

A:  No 2’s cause no problem regarding the working of ©My Wee Friend™ and
it will carry on working as normal (though you cant see it as well!!)
Q:  Will I need more than one ©My Wee Friend™?

A:  Usually one ©My Wee Friend™  is enough to potty train (if your
child is ready it usually works in just days of first use) though people
do buy 2, 3 or 4. 1 for the upstairs potty, 1 for down stairs, 1 for
Grandma’s, 1 for the potty in the car etc.
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Q:  Where can I buy a ©My Wee Friend™?

A:  Just give Julie a call or Email and she will be only to happy to help
you find a stockist near you  or click here to Buy Now
Contact Mail: julie@myweefriend.com Designs