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©My Wee Friend™ is fast becoming THE way to potty train.
Reasonably priced, environmentally friendly and packaged to
suit the consumer.  ©My Wee Friend™ is fun and easy to use,
And stays in the potty for up to 12 weeks!
When your child is ready to Potty train  ©My Wee Friend™  
really works! ...within days of the first use! This means that
 you get absolute value for money and you are saving
The cost of the  nappies that would have been bought had
your child not been potty trained using ©My Wee Friend™.
©My Wee Friend™ is a new and exciting
yet simple and effective way to potty train
Developed by a Mother of six and now a
Grandmother of twelve
©My Wee Friend™ has been tried and tested
By real Children and it REALLY Works!